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HANA Server Access with NO MONTHLY FEES!

Have you ever wanted a personal SAP HANA server to practice HANA modeling on? Well, now you can easily set up your very own in around 60 minutes!  This tutorial steps you through the process of creating your very own trial HANA server in the cloud.

There are absolutely NO MONTHLY FEES with this type of trial HANA system.  The only catch is, you’re responsible for keeping it active by logging in every once in a while. Failure to extend your trial will result in your SAP HANA database being deleted.  As long as you stay on top of using your trial, you’re free to enjoy perpetual FREE HANA access to improve upon your skills!

How does this type of trial system compare to other paid shared HANA servers?

There’s no comparison.  Don’t waste your time and money paying for HANA shared server access. These companies throw hundreds of users onto the same system and charge upwards of $100 USD for monthly access.  Paying for shared access makes it difficult to practice as there is little to no quality control.  Imagine that you’ve been working on a huge project only to find that another user has been modifying your objects.  It can be incredibly frustrating as you have no way to stopping this behavior.   Not to mention frequent server crashing and poor performance.  That’s why we recommend you keep everything private on your own system to maximize your SAP HANA learning experience.

Course curriculum

Meet Your Instructor

Rob Davis

Professionally, I'm a Data & Analytics Sr. Principal with over ten years of consulting experience spanning insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and higher education. I was coached by the best analytics mentors at Accenture & Slalom and today I leverage SAP BI/BW/BO to drive business strategy, increase agility, revamp customer experience, transform the way our customers use data to drive their business. I combine my real-life experience and academic background to deliver professional step-by-step coaching in the space of SAP Business Intelligence. I am also passionate about helping others and love to see each and every one of my students succeed.
portrait of instructor rob davis


  • What version of SAP HANA?

    The latest available release

  • Will this course help me prepare for HANA Certification?

    Of course! There's nothing like your own HANA environment to practice in

  • How long will I get access to the course?

    Lifetime access!



Alex Cotoara

This course is very good. Has theory and examples and is well structured. Rob should price this kind of information accordingly, right now it is underpriced for the amount of effort he put into it. Great job!

"Perfect course to start learning SAP BW"

Miguel Gomez

I have really enjoyed this course: It goes throw all topics with examples, explaining all the possible options and characteristics. The voice and the sound is perfect. The teacher is also very good, the explanations are clear and he always provides examples. I asked some questions during the course and he has answered me in just a few hours. To sum up, I think it is a perfect course to start learning SAP BW.

"Worth the Investment!"

Joel P

For anyone who want to learn SAP and want to expand their knowledge or break into their BW consultant career I strongly recommend this course. Rob Davis writes in his instructor biography he was trained by the best analytics mentors from various consulting firms, Robs experience and customer support reflects exactly that, very helpful, easy to understand also the metaphorical answers makes it easier to fully grasp. They make it understandable, with help from pdf`s and videos they cover all angles, also the site updates continuously. Worth the investment and a lot cheaper then SAP´s extremely high prices. Great content and concise explanation. They really go the extra mile. Greatly appreciated

"I'm telling my coworkers!"

Chris G

I’ve already told all of my coworkers to take this training. It seems like I know more about BW from HALF of your training than most know at my current employer. They don’t even want to refresh queries – they just want my department to email or post refreshed data. I’m going to try to teach them as much as possible – sign as many up for your training as possible 😉

Let's get you connected to your own HANA Server right now!

This course will get you quickly connected to an SAP hosted HANA trial account.

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